New Pension system

Results of research into risk and your pension

In March 2023, the Heineken Pension Fund invited you to participate in the research into how much risk you want to take with your pension. We think it is important to know how our (former) participants and pensioners view the returns and risks of investing. With this research we got a good indication of that: a total of 2,052 respondents gave their opinion.. The reason for carrying out this research is the new pension rules that are applicable with the new pension system.

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The cabinet has concluded a pension agreement with the employees’ and employers’ organizations. This pension agreement outlines what the new pension system should look like. A number of things are already clear, but many parts still need to be worked out in more detail. We would like to keep you informed about developments on this webpage.

Getting started with the new pension system
The Heineken Pension Fund has started a project together with HEINEKEN and the employee organizations to get started with the pension agreement. For the time being, this project assumes a transition date of 1 January 2026. This is the first possible realistic date for the Heineken Pension Fund to switch to the new pension system. Previously, this was January 1, 2025. However, this has proved unfeasible, mainly due to delayed legislation and regulations.We prefer not to wait with the transition until the deadline of January 1, 2028.

The project is divided into four phases:

Preliminary preferred scheme: solidary contract
On the basis of the pension agreement, choices must be made about a new pension scheme, in which a choice can primarily be made between two different contract forms. HEINEKEN and the employees’ organizations have made a preliminary choice in broad terms, namely the solidary contribution scheme. This choice will be further investigated and elaborated in the in-depth phase in 2022 and 2023. Read the message from HEINEKEN and the employees’ representative organizations about the provisional preferential arrangement.

Why a new pension system?
We want everyone in the Netherlands to be able to receive a good pension. Even the generations after us. That is why the unions, employers and the government have jointly made new rules for pensions. In the coming years we will implement these new rules together. Read more about the new rules for your pension.

Results participant survey

Read more about the results of the participant survey.