Coverage ratio


The funding ratio reflects the pension fund’s financial situation. It is the ratio between the fund’s assets and the pension commitments. The current coverage ratio of June 2021 is 110.9%.


In principle, we are currently not available by phone. We request that you contact us by email. For emergencies, you can reach us at 071-545 76 74.


We have a pension planner. The pension planner helps you plan your pension. View the choices and options of your pension scheme and assess whether you are still on track with your pension accrual.

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Current affairs

The Heineken Pension Fund regularly posts blogs and newsitems on the website. Below are the current affairs.

Communication per e-mail for participants

23 July 2021

The HPF will communicate with participants (employees of HEINEKEN) by e-mail and no longer by post. With this we are happy to meet the expressed wish of participants to receive communication digitally.

Annual Overview 2020

23 July 2021

The HPF has published the annual report for 2020. In this report, the board reports on, among other things, the policy executed, the financial results, the implementation costs and the sustainability of the investments in the past year.

Blog: Pension Agreement

29 June 2021

In 2020, employers and employees made agreements with the government about the future of pensions. This is laid down in the Pension Agreement. But why are new agreements needed? And what does this actually mean for you?


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