Funding ratio


The funding ratio reflects the pension fund’s financial situation. The current funding ratio of January 2023 is 126.8%. 


You may have unintentionally received the January pension specification twice. In this case, you will only receive the specification by e-mail next time. The specifications were also sent a little later than usual. We apologize for that.

Pension planner

We have a pension planner that helps you plan your pension. View the choices and options of your pension scheme and assess whether you are still on track with your pension accrual. If you currently are enjoying your pension, the pension planner is no longer accessible.

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Current affairs

The Heineken Pension Fund regularly posts blogs and newsitems on the website. Below are the current affairs.

Increase pensions with 14.33%

20 December 2022

The Board has decided to increase the pensions by 14.33% per January 1, 2023. For pensioners the increase of the pension benefit will be processed with the pension benefit for the month of February. You will then receive the increase twice. This means that the regular pension amount is received in March.

Survey about how you think about risk and your pension

16 February 2023

There will be new rules for pensions. This means that the Heineken Pension Fund will have to make important choices in the near future. We think your opinion is important for these choices. We would like to hear from you how much risk you want to take with your pension. We would like to hear that through this survey. You will soon receive a survey for this. Keep an eye on your email and/or post!

Blog: Pension accrual during leave

27 September 2022

During your employment you can take different types of leave. Think about holidays, maternity and birth leave, parental leave or a sabbatical. But what about your pension accrual then? Read more about this in this blog.


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