Coverage ratio


The funding ratio reflects the pension fund’s financial situation.  The current coverage ratio of May 2022 is 143%.


The telephone helpdesk can be reached during office hours on 071 – 545 80 65. You can also reach us via


We have a pension planner. The pension planner helps you plan your pension. View the choices and options of your pension scheme and assess whether you are still on track with your pension accrual.

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Current affairs

The Heineken Pension Fund regularly posts blogs and newsitems on the website. Below are the current affairs.

Possible pension increase

27 June 2022

The government has temporarily extended the indexation rules, so that pensions may already be increased at a policy funding ratio of 105%.

Why a new pension system?

21 June 2022

Retirement rules worked well for years, but that is changing. It is not clear enough how much money people pay for their retirement.

Blog: Pension Comparator

22 June 2022

With the Pension Comparator you can compare two pension schemes. This is useful with a value transfer or if you are looking for a new job.


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