Full disability: disability pension and partial pension accrual

If you are fully disabled, subject to certain conditions you will receive an Occupational Disability Pension.

The Heineken Pension Fund runs a collective disability insurance scheme which does not involve contribution on the part of members.

This scheme implies that if you are declared incapacitated for work for at least 80% (i.e. fully disabled) and will remain so within the meaning of the Work and Income According to Labour Capacity Act (WIA), you might possibly receive benefit to supplement your WIA benefit from the Heineken Pension Fund until you are entitled to receive your state pension (AOW).

Partial pension accrual in the event of full disability

If you are declared unfit for work for more than 80% (i.e. fully disabled) for a period longer than two years, you are entitled to partial continuation of your pension accrual without the need to pay contribution yourself. During continuation of pension accrual in the event of full disability Heineken does continue to pay the pension contribution. You no longer pay a contribution yourself. The partially continued membership in the retirement pension scheme is 1.25% of the current pension basis, and the partially continued membership in the Partner’s Pension scheme is 0.875% of the current pensionable salary.

Continuation of pension accrual is made on the basis of the pension basis and the part-time percentage as applied when the period of full disability commenced. The pension basis is adjusted annually in line with the changed offset, and if there is an indexation granted.

Supplementary Disability Pension

Please note that the supplementary insurance cover for full disability will no longer be offered to new members of the Heineken Pension Fund as of  January 1, 2024. Current participants can continue their voluntary scheme with the Heineken Pension Fund.
If you participate in the voluntary Supplementary Disability Pension scheme, then as long as you are declared fully disabled and remain so within the meaning of the WIA you receive a benefit over your salary up to € 66,956 (for the year 2023; determined by the Board annually) of 10% of this salary (i.e. a maximum of € 6,695.60 per year).

You can see whether you participate in this scheme on the most recent Uniform Pension Statement under the heading ‘Payment in the event of disability’. Should you wish to participate in this scheme then you can still register subject to certain conditions. Please download and complete the ”Registration Form for the Supplementary Disability Pension”and submit it via AskHR. If you no longer wish to participate in this scheme you can send an email with this request pensioenfonds@heineken.nl. You will receive a form that you can complete and submit via AskHR.

Would you like more information and/or wish to know exactly what our pension scheme offers you? See the pension scheme or the brochure ‘Pension Scheme for participants who commenced employment after 31-12-2005’

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