Your pension scheme is executed by the Heineken Pension Fund. To do this the Heineken Pension Fund uses your personal details. These are needed to carry out your pension scheme correctly and to be able to inform you appropriately of your personal pension situation.

To use your personal details the Heineken Pension Fund must adhere to the regulations that apply in respect of protecting personal details. We would like to explain how we deal with your personal details.

(The processing of) personal details

The Heineken Pension Fund has the personal details of its members, former members, claim beneficiaries and persons entitled to a pension.

Personal details refer to information that says something about you. For example, your name or your computer’s IP address. The Heineken Pension Fund can request you to provide your personal details. We also obtain personal details from your employer and other authorities, such as the Civil Registration Office.

‘Using’ your personal details is also referred to as ‘processing’ your personal details. Depending on your personal situation, we can process different kinds of personal details.

We process’ the following kinds of details:

Surname, first names, initials, gender, date of birth, marital status, address, postal code, place of residence, telephone number, email address, citizen service number, salary, partner’s details, part-time factor, bank account number, partnership contract, employment history / employment contracts, policy number, entitlements / pension entitlement, disability details, language preference, date of divorce, divorce settlement agreement, engaged in study – yes or no, life certificate, copy of ID card, signature, objection to taking out insurance on grounds of religion or belief, included / not included on the sanctions list (preventing the funding of terrorism).

Storage of personal details

We store your personal details for as long as is necessary to operate the pension scheme and to prove your pension entitlement or right unless we are under the obligation to store your details longer. This means that in many cases personal details are stored as long as you and your next of kin are alive.

After your death and the death of your next of kin the Heineken Pension Fund can store the details within the framework of scientific and historical research and for statistics purposes. Details about deceased persons are not personal details.


We process details for the following purposes:

  • To carry out those activities associated with the proper execution of the Articles of Association and pension schemes
  • To comply with the (pensions) act and regulations
  • To determine the correct amount and payment of pension
  • To calculate, fix and collect contributions
  • To deal with disputes
  • To prevent fraud; and
  • To communicate adequately with you and your next of kin.

We hold responsibility for your personal details. We take the protection of your personal details very seriously and take measures to prevent its misuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesirable disclosure and unlawful alteration.

Your rights regarding the processing of your personal details

The right to be informed about details processing

We inform you about the processing of your personal details as soon as we start to process your details.

The right of perusal

You may inspect your personal details. To do this we ask you to submit a request to us.

We shall inform you as to the details we wish to process within one month.

The right to improve, amend, restrict and remove your details

We can only amend and remove your details on condition that after doing so we can still meet our obligations. Restricting in this respect means that you can request us to discontinue processing your details. Within the period of one month after we receive your request we shall inform you whether we can comply with your request.

The right to object to the processing of your personal details

If you think that your interests are incompatible with the goals we aspire to you can raise an objection to the processing of certain personal details. We shall then inform you within one month of your objection being raised whether we can comply with your objection.

Right to transfer your personal details

You can request us to transfer your personal details to another pension provider.

Do you feel that we process your personal details counter to the law and regulations? If you do, then you can lodge a complaint with the Dutch Details Protection Authority.

Exchanging your personal details with a third party

It may be necessary to provide a third party with your personal details or to exchange your details with them in order for us to realise the goals referred to above. We only place your personal details at the disposal of a third party if that party complies with our conditions and the exchange is in line with the statutory laws and guidelines in force.

Your personal details are in any case provided to Keylane (the company that takes care of our pension administration). Your details may also be processed by:

Public registers, including the Civil Registration Office (for instance to enable us to keep your address up to date and to be able to pay out a surviving dependents’ pension to your partner and children (if relevant) after your death)

UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) (to insure disability pension)

The Tax Authorities (we work with the government’s Message Box)

Financial, legal and actuarial advisors who assist us to draw up, for instance, the Annual Accounts and support us in the event of disputes.

Payment processors (these make the gross-net calculations, etc., and the annual statements)

Mail processors/ printers (these make the pension statement, for instance)

Supervisory bodies such as the Dutch Details Protection Authority

Archives systems

ICT database/ website management and maintenance businesses

IT security firms, to ensure that the details we work with are well protected

Research agencies, such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Other pension providers (we transfer pensions in connection with value transfers)

Any questions

If you have any further questions about our privacy policy or wish to submit a request, please contact our Personal details Officer:

Chantal Boekkooi

Burgemeester Smeetsweg 1

2382 PH Zoeterwoude


N.B.: The Heineken Pension Fund can change this privacy policy. We therefore advise you to look at our privacy policy from time to time.