Message on behalf of HEINEKEN: The PUM reopens again

8 June 2021

Some pensioners have access to the PUM. The PUM in Zoeterwoude and ‘s-Hertogenbosch is open again.

Message on behalf of HEINEKEN: Change of Interest Rate

8 June 2021

Every half year HEINEKEN review whether the development of market interest rates requires a change to the interest rate on the HEINEKEN savings account.

Communication per e-mail for participants

17 May 2021

The Heineken Pension Fund will communicate to participants (employees of HEINEKEN) by e-mail and no longer by post. With this we are happy to meet the expressed wish of participants to receive communication digitally. This is also more sustainable.

Vacancy member of the Supervisory Board with a focus on investments

5 March 2021

The Heineken Pension Fund (HPF) has internal supervision in the form of a supervisory board. The supervisory board consists of three members. The members of the supervisory board will be appointed and dismissed by the board on the binding nomination of the accountability body.

Vacancy member Accountability Council

25 February 2021

As of 1 January 2021, due to the departure of Mr Bakker, there is a vacancy in the Accountability Council on behalf of the employer. The employer has been asked to nominate a new Accountability Council member. You can find the profile here. (only available in Dutch)

Results of the survey for effectiveness of communication tools

25 February 2021

At the end of 2020, we sent a survey to test the effectiveness of the means of communication. Pensioners and former participants received the survey by post.

Filling vacancies for the pension fund board

25 February 2021

In a news item of December 2020 we indicated that there will be two vacancies on the board in 2021/2022 on behalf of the pensioners. We can inform you that there are candidates to fill these vacancies.

Interest and funding ratio

25 February 2021

The interest also has a negative effect on the value of the pension liabilities. The pension liabilities increase when interest rates fall.

Letter regarding contribution and increase

15 January 2021

The letter regarding contribution and increase was sent this week. In the letter you will find the new contribution, information about changes to the pension scheme and an explanation of why your pension has not been increased this year.

Change in the funding of pension accrual in the event of full occupational disability

28 December 2020

As of 1 January 2021 a change will be made in the funding of pension accrual in the event of full occupational disability. As requested by the pension fund, the employer has paid a purchase sum for the pension accrual of those employees now suffering full occupational disability.