Facilities and Rewards Policy

The HPF pursues a remuneration policy that contributes to the prevention of (apparent) conflicts of interest, the prevention of taking unacceptable or undesirable risks, including sustainability risks, and the prevention of costs that are not in the interest of stakeholders in the HPF.

The remuneration is independent of the return on the investment portfolio. The considerations of possible sustainability risks are therefore not influenced by the remuneration policy of board members or employees of the pension fund.

The remuneration policy meets the legal requirements of the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation, the Besluit Financieel Toetsingskader (Financial Assessment Framework Decree), the Code Pensioenfondsen (Pension Funds Code) and Principes beheerst beloningsbeleid (Principles controlled remuneration policy) of the AFM and DNB.

For employees of the HPF, we follow the remuneration policy of HEINEKEN. In principle, the rewards are fixed and not related to performance. In accordance with HEINEKEN’s remuneration policy, there are only a few deviations from this. This involves variable or performance-related remuneration. Where a variable or performance-related remuneration is involved, the board ensures that the remuneration is not related to the financial performance of the pension fund, and therefore does not constitute a reason for taking undesirable decisions and risks.

The HPF has drawn up a Facilities and Remuneration Policy for the Board, the external SC members, the Accountability Body and the Supervisory Board. The rewards are fixed and not related to performance.

Consult the facilities policy here. (only available in Dutch)