Partner’s and Orphan’s Pension

In addition to your Retirement Pension you also build up a Partner’s Pension and Orphan’s Pension. In the event of your death your partner is entitled to a Partner’s Pension and your children to an Orphan’s Pension.

If you live together, it is important that you register your partner with the pension fund. Read more about living together and registering your partner for the partner’s pension.

Partner’s Pension is approximately 70% of the Retirement Pension you would receive if you were to accrue pension with the Heineken Pension Fund up to the date of your retirement. In the event of your death after retirement your partner will receive approximately 70% of the Retirement Pension you have accrued.

The Orphan’s Pension is approximately 20% of the Partner’s Pension. Each child receives this up to the age of 18. If the child is over the age of 18, then he/she receives Orphan’s Pension for as long as he/she continues his/her studies up to the age of 27 at latest.

The amount of Partner’s Pension and Orphan’s Pension is set out in your Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) which is normally sent to your message box on, and on

When you die your partner may be eligible for state benefit under the Surviving Dependants Act: Anw benefit. There are, however, conditions attached to this benefit. Your partner must take care of one or more underage children or be partially disabled. More information on this subject can be found on the Social Insurance Bank’s website (SVB)

Supplementary Partner’s Pension

If you wish to make arrangements for a higher pension for your partner you can take out a Supplementary Partner’s Pension with the Heineken Pension Fund. If you opt for this voluntary supplementary pension, then your partner will receive a Partner’s Pension up to and including the month in which he/she is entitled to his/her state pension, irrespective of whether he/she marries, (again) enters into a civil partnership or (again) starts to cohabit with his/her partner in the meantime. The annual sum paid out under this Supplementary Partner’s Pension is € 16,201.20 (2022).

The partner’s own income is not cut back and, even if Anw benefit is awarded by the Government, the HPF Supplementary Partner’s Pension is paid out in full.

If you are an employee employed by Heineken and if you have a partner who has not yet reached his / her AOW commencement date, you will automatically be registered for the Supplementary Partner’s Pension Scheme if you are married or have a registered partnership. Contributions to this scheme will automatically be withheld from your gross salary. Participation in the Scheme is also possible if you have a cohabitation agreement. In that case, you must send us a copy of the signed notarized cohabitation agreement.

You can see on the most recent Uniform Pension Statement under the heading ‘Payment upon death’ whether you participate in this scheme. Should you still wish to become a member of this insurance scheme then you can re-register subject to certain conditions. You can register for this insurance by downloading the form ”Registration Form for the Supplementary Partner’s Pension” and submit it via AskHR.

If you no longer wish to be a member of this scheme then you must complete the form “Waiver for the Supplementary Partner’s Pension” and send it to

Would you like more information and/or wish to know exactly what our pension scheme offers you? See the (supplementary) pension scheme or the brochure ‘Pension Scheme for participants who commenced employment after 31-12-2005’.