Value transfer

When you commence employment with Heineken

If you commence employment with Heineken you can take your accrued pension with another pension provider to the Heineken Pension Fund. We call that value transfer.

You can apply for a form Request for Value Transfer. If you have more than previous employers, please use one form per previous employer. You can send the form(s) to The Heineken Pension Fund contacts your previous pension provider(s). You will then receive a list from the Heineken Pension Fund stating what you can insure with us in exchange for transferring your previous pension. You can approve the quote and we will then process the value transfer. As soon as your entitlements are placed with us you will receive a new statement of your pension entitlements, including the transferred entitlements. Please note the this process can take up to six month until completion.

If you leave employment with Heineken

Are you leaving Heineken and are you going to a different pension scheme? The amount of your accrued pension per annum determines what happens to your pension.

If your accrued pension is higher than € 594.895 per annum, you decide whether or not to take your pension with you. You must arrange this value transfer with the pension provider of your new employer. Be sure to inform yourself about this in advance. Whether value transfer is a good choice depends, among other things, on the financial situation of your current and your new pension provider. If you decide to not request a value transfer, your pension will remain with the Heineken Pension Fund and will be paid to you in due time. You no longer pay a premium to the Heineken Pension Fund and you will accrue pension in the scheme of your new employer.

Would you like help with making your choice? We would be happy to help you by informing you about the most important points for attention with value transfer.

If your accrued pension is less than € 594.895 per annum and higher than € 2 per annum, the Heineken Pension Fund will automatically transfer your pension to your new pension provider. The Heineken Pension Fund will therefore annually check at the pension register if you accrue pension with a new pension provider. If you do not have a new pension provider, your pension will remain with the Heineken Pension Fund.

If your accrued pension is lower than € 2 per annum, you will not receive that. This is legally determined.