The Board comprises eight members. Four members of this Board, including the chairperson, are appointed by the Directorate of Heineken Nederlands Beheer B.V.

Two members are appointed by the Central Works Council and two are chosen by persons entitled to a pension. Every year the Board draws up a report relating to the past calendar year. This Annual Report is supplemented with a statement drawn up by an accountant and an actuary. The accountant and actuary are appointed by the Board.

The Board has the authority to change the Articles of Association and the Pension Scheme Rules and Regulations.

The Board now comprises the following persons:

On behalf of active members

– Nicolaas Groot;
Ben de Putter.

On behalf of the employer
– Rogier Bouwman (voorzitter);
– Henriëtte Bäcker;
– Sebastiaan Berkvens;
– Margreet Verhoef.

On behalf of persons entitled to a pension
– Michiel Kamermans;
– Roelf Duursema.