I will soon be reaching the state pension age (AOW). What now?

Around six months before your state pension (AOW) retirement age, you will receive a letter from the Heineken Pension Fund. In that letter you can read what choices you have. You can contact the pension fund to discuss the choices you have. You can also wait until the pension fund takes the next step.

Three months later, Heineken Pension Fund will send you the option forms. You will be asked to inform the Heineken Pension Fund of your choice within 2 months by returning the forms. Once you have made your choice, the Heineken Pension Fund will record your choice in a pension letter. You will receive this letter in the month when you reach the AOW retirement age. The pension letter confirms the pension that you will receive. Your pension starts in the month after your AOW retirement age.

The AOW retirement age develops as follows:
2023 66 years and 10 months
From 2024 67 years