Increase of pensions with 14.33%

22 December 2022

The board has decided to increase the pensions by 14.33% per January 1, 2023. This percentage is equal to the increase in consumer prices and the maximum we can give.

Blog: Pension accrual during leave

27 September 2022

During your employment you can take different types of leave. Think about holidays, maternity and birth leave, parental leave or a sabbatical. But what about your pension accrual then? Read more about this in this blog.

Blog: Pension Comparator

22 June 2022

With the Pension Comparator you can compare two pension schemes. This is useful with a value transfer or if you are looking for a new job.

Blog: Value transfer

28 March 2022

If you change jobs, you can transfer your accrued pension to the new pension provider. We call this value transfer. Read more about value transfer in this blog.

Pension Communication: digital and sustainable

28 February 2022

The Heineken Pension Fund wants to communicate digitally as much as possible. Not only is this cheaper and more direct than on paper, but it also limits unnecessary use of raw materials.

Blog: What will my partner receive if I die?

31 January 2022

If you die, your partner will receive a pension from the Heineken Pension Fund (HPF). Depending on your situation and the choices you have made, this pension can consist of three parts. You can read more about this in our blog.

Blog: No indexation of the pensions per 1 January 2022

22 December 2021

In this last blog of 2021 we can conclude that the pandemic has still strongly determined the life and work of all of us this year. But the financial situation of the Heineken Pension Fund has been influenced.

Blog: What choices do you have when you retire?

11 November 2021

Many people have been talking about their retirement for years before they retire. But how does a retirement actually work? What do you have to arrange yourself? And when will you retire?

Blog: What instruments does the Heineken Pension Fund use for Socially Responsible Investing?

29 October 2021

In the previous blog we indicated that the Heineken Pensioenfonds (HPF) takes its social responsibility into account when investing its assets (see the blog Socially Responsible Investment at the Heineken Pensioenfonds). In this blog we explain the instruments we use for this.

Blog: Socially Responsible Investment by the Heineken Pension Fund

29 September 2021

The Heineken Pension Fund (HPF) is a company pension fund. As a company pension fund, the HPF seeks to connect with HEINEKEN’s sustainability agenda.