Blog: Heineken Pension Fund Annual Overview 2022

17 July 2023 | Blog

The first half of 2023 is over and the summer period is just around the corner.  Before your well-deserved holiday starts, we would like to bring our Annual Overview 2022 to your attention. In the annual overview 2022 you will find the most important facts and figures of us, the Heineken Pension Fund, from last year. Worth a look!

Facts and figures of 2022 highlighted

  1. In 2022, the 5,905 pensioners received a total of €113 million in pension.
  2. The policy funding ratio has increased from 110.2% to 137.7% in 2022.
    The policy funding ratio reflects the average financial health of the pension fund over the last twelve months. We base important decifions on the policy funding ratio, such as increasing pensions.
  3. Pensions have increased in line with prices in 2021 and 2022. In total with 18.24%
  4. The Heineken Pension Fund manages around 4 billion euros.
    We invest this for a good return to be able to pay out your pension. We also use our influence as an investor to do this sustainably and consciously: we want to contribute to a liveable world with our investments, now and in the future. We engage with companies whose sustainability performance is lagging behind. And we stop investing in companies that show too little improvement.

Would you like to know the situation of the pension fund in 2022 in more detail? Then we refer you to our full annual report 2022 on this website (only available in Dutch).

We are happy to help you
If you have any questions about your pension, you can always contact us via or +31 (0)71 – 545 80 65. Enjoy the summer!

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