Exchanging Partner’s Pension for extra Retirement Pension

In addition to your Retirement Pension you also build up a Partner’s Pension. You may have reasons to exchange the Partner’s Pension for a higher Retirement Pension. Maybe your partner also has a good pension, or maybe you do not (longer) have a partner.

On your (early) retirement date you can opt to exchange the Partner’s Pension. After affecting this exchange, the Partner’s Pension can amount to 70%, 50%, 25% or 0% of the Retirement Pension that remains after the exchange.

If no partner is registered for a pension fund member, the Partner’s Pension will be exchanged in full unless the member informs the fund of his objection to doing so within one month before his/her retirement date at latest.

N.B.: this is a choice you can only make once! Once you have made the choice to affect the exchange you cannot go back on that decision. If you do have a partner registered with the pension fund, he/she must agree with the choice.

Would you like more information and/or wish to know exactly what our pension scheme offers you? See the pension scheme or the brochure ‘Pension Scheme for participants who commenced employment after 31-12-2005’.