Communication policy

The Heineken Pension Fund has drawn up a communication plan in line with this policy. In it, account is taken with the communication requirements as set out in the laws and regulations governing pensions. The HPF has formulated the following objectives based on this communication plan:

  1. Provide information: make comprehensible information available in good time that at least meets the starting points based on laws and regulations;
  2. Pension awareness: members – both individuals and members in general – are aware of the pension scheme of which he/she is a member (including all relevant changes) and are mindful of the importance of a pension; this creates an attitude of awareness among members that one’s pension is a significant term of employment;
  3. Personal information: each stakeholder is provided with information that meets the stakeholder’s need for information and his/her disposition.
  4. Pension insight: each stakeholder has an adequate understanding of the relevant scheme to know where and when he/she must take action, what the consequences can be of significant occurrences for his/her pension, the choices he/she can make; and
  5. Confidence: each stakeholder has confidence in the pension scheme and its proper implementation by the HPF.

The most important means of communication used by the Heineken Pension Fund to realise these objectives are:

  • The (five) yearly Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) that provides an overview of the pension entitlements per (former) member. The UPO also contains information about indexation compensation and a statement of the increase in value of pension entitlements ensuing from the relevant or previous calendar year.
  • The digital newsletter. This is published at least four times per year and contains information about the pension scheme and the Heineken Pension Fund;
  • Information and documents (e.g. Pension Scheme Rules and Regulations and brochures) concerning the pension scheme and the pension fund. If compulsory on the basis of the Pensions Act and regulations, information is sent by letter. It is also possible to download information and documents from the website;
  • Summarised Annual Report. All stakeholders receive a copy of this summarised report.
  • The Heineken Pension Fund website which includes information about the pension schemes, significant contingencies that can bring about a change in pensions, the organisation and the financial situation of the Heineken Pension Fund, as well as relevant pension-related developments and decisions taken by the Board.
  • The so-called Pension Planner. Active members born after 1949 can consult the Pension Planner through the website;
  • Individual meetings with a member of the Heineken Pension Fund staff. All members can obtain information about a specific pension subject in individual meetings with a member of the Heineken Pension Fund staff at one of the Heineken offices.