Blog: Disability pension

29 April 2021 | Blog

If you work at HEINEKEN, then you accrue pension with us, the Heineken Pension Fund. This is arranged in the Collective Labor Agreement. We will explain what your pension scheme entails in this and other blogs.

In the previous blog, we indicated that your pension scheme contains an retirement pension and a partner’s pension. In this blog we explain another part of your pension scheme, namely the disability pension. Of course you do not hope that it will happen to you, but you may become ill for a long time and eventually be wholly or partially disabled for work. It is therefore good to know what consequences this will have for your pension. In this blog we will give you more information about this.

Full disability
If your employment with Heineken is terminated due to full disability for work (i.e. you are more than 80% disabled), you will receive a benefit under the WIA (Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act) from the UWV (Institute for Employee Insurance). This amounts to 70%, sometimes 75% of the salary you earned before your disability. In addition to this benefit, the disability scheme of the pension fund provides for the following two supplements:

  1. The accrual of your retirement pension partly continues (at 2/3 of the old level). You no longer pay a premium for this, only Heineken pays the premium.
  2. The WIA has an income limit (€ 58,308 in 2021). The Heineken disability scheme supplements the WIA benefit if the salary you earned before your disability exceeded this limit. The supplement amounts to 70% of the salary above this limit, including potentially the old-age supplement.

Partial disability
If you are partially disabled for work (i.e. between 35% and 80% disabled) and you remain employed by Heineken, even if you are partially disabled for work, the WIA benefit is part of the salary you receive from Heineken. As long as you remain employed by Heineken, your pension accrual will continue at the same level as before you became ill. Heineken and you also pay the regular premium for this. If you leave Heineken and you are partially disabled, the accrual of your pension will stop.


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