Blog: What belongs to your pension scheme?

30 March 2021 | Blog

If you work at HEINEKEN, then you accrue pension with us, the Heineken Pension Fund. This is included in the Collective Labor Agreement. We will explain what your pension scheme entails in this and the upcoming blogs.

Retirement pension
In order to be able to retire later and still enjoy a higher income than State pension (AOW), you accrue a retirement pension. You can also see the accrual of retirement pension as filling a piggy bank that you use up in the years following your retirement. Pension accrual in a pension fund absorbs uncertainties with regard to, for example, a longer life span than average or the risk of a negative investment result. The risks are mutually shared with your colleagues, so that when risks hit you, the effect will be limited. The risks are shared with your colleagues. Read more about your retirement pension.

Partner’s and orphan’s pension
In addition to the retirement pension, you also accrue pension for your partner and children. Your partner and children will receive a partner’s and orphan’s pension if you die. Everyone accrues a partner’s pension, even if you don’t have a partner. If you don’t have a partner when you retire, the accrued partner’s pension will automatically be exchanged for a higher retirement pension. Read more about your partner’s pension and orphan’s pension.

If you get married or enter into a registered partnership, the pension fund will automatically receive a notification. If you are going to live together, we will not automatically receive this. You will have to register your partner with the Heineken Pension Fund yourself. In another blog we explain what you have to do to receive a partner’s pension. Read the blog.

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