Blog: Cohabitation and Partner’s Pension

17 December 2020 | Blog

When you get married, a number of things are arranged automatically. But if you start living together, nothing will be arranged automatically. This includes your partner’s pension. In this blog we explain to you what partner’s pension is and what you need to do as a cohabiting partner in order to get a partner’s pension.

What is Partner’s Pension?

In addition to the retirement pension, everyone at Heineken also builds up a Partner’s Pension. A partner may be entitled to a Partner’s Pension if you die before your retirement date, but also if you die afterwards.

In some other pension schemes it is also referred to as a Survivor’s Pension.

Is my partner eligible for Partner’s Pension?

Your partner can only be eligible for this Partner’s Pension if he or she is registered as a partner with the HPF. If you are married or have a registered partnership, the registration will be done automatically. This is because the HPF is informed about this by the Personal Records Database.

But if you start living together, you have to take care of this yourself. At the HPF, you must be registered as a cohabiting partner at the same address and send a copy of a notarial cohabitation contract to the fund ( Only then will your partner be eligible for the HPF Partner’s Pension upon your death. So don’t forget to send it to us.

Have you also built up a pension with other pension funds or insurers?

Not all pension schemes have a Partner’s Pension for cohabiting couples and the conditions for being considered as a partner often differ. It is therefore wise to also ask your former pension administrators and the pension administrator(s) of your partner to learn how partner’s pension is arranged there.

Vlog Partner’s Pension

Nienke Plas (Dutch influencer) has made a vlog about the importance of registering your partner with your pension fund in collaboration with the youth campaign ‘’The time of your life’’. The part about the partner’s pension and registering the partner starts at 00.00 and lasts until 05.15 minutes. To view the vlog click here. (The vlog is only available in Dutch)

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