Employer’s newsletter new pension system

19 December 2023 | News

We are on the way to a new pension system. The employer HEINEKEN has shared a newsletter explaining why change is necessary, an overview of the steps taken and the next steps, what will remain the same, what is changing, where we are now and it also tells which parties are involved.

Read the newsletter below. In the newsletter you see a few words underlined. You find the corresponding links in the column next to it.

Links used in the newsletter:

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Pension scheme in the new pension system: old-age pension

28 March 2024

The social partners (the employers’ and employees’ representatives) want to choose for the solidarity-based pension scheme. In this pension scheme are windfalls and setbacks absorbed together and collective investments are made. As a result, pensions will be stable. In the coming months, we will explain the new pension scheme to you in small pieces. Let’s start with the old-age pension. This is the pension you will receive when you stop working.

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Since September 29, 2023, Vrumona is no longer part of HEINEKEN. The sale of Vrumona has some consequences.

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In response to the announcement that pensions will not be increased as of January 1, 2024, a number of questions have been asked. In this post, we will answer the frequently asked questions.