Why a new pension system?

21 June 2022 | News

Retirement rules worked well for years, but that is changing. It is not clear enough how much money people pay for their retirement. And is the economy doing well? In that case, the pensions can sometimes still not be increased. That feels unfair. Thirdly, people change jobs more often, stop working for a while or start their own company. The rules for pensions do not fit this situation well. Therefore they need to be adjusted.

We want everyone in the Netherlands to be able to receive a good pension. Even the generations after us. That is why the unions, employers and the government have jointly made new rules for pensions. In the coming years we will implement these new rules together.

Your future pension
Much will continue to exist in the future: the AOW for everyone and the pension through the employer. You will continue to receive pension as long as you live. And if you die before you retire, your partner will often receive a pension. This is all possible because we continue to arrange pensions together: unions, employers and the government.

With the new pension rules, you can see more clearly how much money you and your employer put into your pension and how quickly this amount grows. Under the new rules, it is not possible to determine in advance how much pension you will receive when you stop working. Your pension fluctuates: it grows when the economy is doing well. But your pension can also be lowered if things get bad. The rules ensure that the movements do not become too large. Plus, they get smaller as you get older. Because the closer you get to your pension, the more precisely you want to know how much money you can count on. Every year you will receive information about the new level of your pension.

In short: with the new pension rules you can see more clearly what the accrual of your pension is. Your pension can increase more quickly if the economy is doing well. And we ensure that the generations after us can also build up a good pension.

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