Changes to the pension scheme as of 1-1-2024

21 December 2023 | News

On July 1, 2023, the Future Pensions Act (Wtp) entered into force. Where possible, we have already brought the current pension scheme in line with the Wtp. We have already adjusted the definitions for ‘partner’ and ‘orphan’. And the pension scheme includes the possibility that you can bring your pension forward to no later than ten years before your state pension age.

When is someone an official partner
The partner is entitled to partner’s pension in the event of death. As of January 1, 2024, the definition of when someone is a partner will be expanded. In addition to being a partner through marriage or a registered partnership, someone was also a partner if there was a notarial past and a cohabitation contract. As of 1 January 2024, a person will also be a partner if a ‘joint household’ is conducted. In the case of a ‘joint household’, the partner must be registered with us.

You have a joint household if

  • there is a cohabitation contract in the notarial past; or with
  • you have a signed cohabitation declaration in which the participant or former participant and the partner declare that they live at the same address and take care of each other.

If the participant or former participant dies and the partner was not known to us, the partner can still prove that there was a joint household in order to claim partner’s pension.

How to prove a joint household
We receive from the partner a signed cohabitation statement proving that there was a joint household. This means:

  • they have lived together for at least six months; or
  • a child has been born from the relationship or the child has been acknowledged by the other; or
  • there is a rental contract in the name of both of them; or
  • a house as joint ownership.

Receive of orphan’s pension 2024
In the event of the death of the parent who accrues or has accrued pension with us, the orphan is entitled to an orphan’s pension. As of 1 January 2024, an orphan is entitled to the orphan’s pension until the age of 25, regardless of whether the orphan is studying. Previously, the orphan’s pension was paid to an orphan until the age of 18. Unless the orphan was studying, in which case the orphan’s pension was paid until the age of 27 at the latest.

Takeover of disability pension
The disability pension schemes will be taken over by Centraal Beheer Achmea. Read more about this change in this post on our website.

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