Reading guide Pension Overview 2022

What is the reason for the Uniform Pension Overview?
The Uniform Pension Overview explains what you will receive upon retirement and in the event of disability. It also shows what your partner and/or child(ren) (if relevant) will receive after your death. You are sent this Pension Overview every year.

We recommend that you keep all your Pension Overviews together in a secure place. Also those of other pension schemes. Doing that will mean that you always have a better insight into your pension.
You can find a total overview of your pensions from the different pension providers and your AOW entitlements on

Why do I receive a Pension Overview?
Each year the Heineken Pension Fund sends you a Pension Overview to help you collect all information about your pension in an orderly fashion. The overview shows your pension as it was on 1 January from the year in which you receive the Pension Overview. You will receive Pension Overviews from other pension providers if applicable.

I have pension entitlements with other pension providers. How can I check my joined pension entitlements?
In the Uniform Pension Overview you will only see the pension entitlements at Heineken
Pension Fund. Please check for your other pension entitlements.

My data are no longer correct. Who can I inform?
If you are currently living in the Netherlands you must inform us about the following changes:
– you move to an address in a foreign country;
– you have entered into a cohabitation contract and would like to ensure that your partner is entitled to a partner’s pension;
– the relationship you had with the partner you lived with has ended.

If you live abroad, you have to inform us about all changes in your personal situation.

Do you have any further questions? Or do you want to report a change?
Please contact us. We will be pleased to give you further assistance. You can also visit our website for more information. The pension fund helpdesk can be reached during office hours on 071-5458065. You can also reach us by email. Our email address is:

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