I receive a survivors pension

How much pension do you receive?
You receive a survivor’s pension as a result of the death of someone who was a participant or pensioner of Heineken Pension Fund. A survivor’s pension can be an orphan’s pension or a partner’s pension.

An orphan’s pension is paid up to the age of 18 or, at the latest, the age of 27 if you are a student. After the age of 18 you must send us a school statement every year. You will receive a request for this every year.

A partner’s pension is paid up to and including the month in which the surviving dependent dies.

There may be a pension that you receive temporarily. Please refer to your pension statement for this. The end dates are stated under the pensions.

Increase in pension

A supplement is granted on your pension entitlements each year on 1 January on the basis of the CBS Consumer Price Index; the reference period being from the 2nd of October up to and including the 1st of October prior to the 1st of January. However, each year the Board decides on the extent to which accrued pension entitlements are adjusted. No earmarked funds are formed for this conditional compensation and no contribution is paid. If the funding ratio is adequate, compensation is funded out of the fund’s return on investment and is dependent on the fund’s financial position.