I receive a retirement pension

How much pension do you receive?
Here you find the pension amounts that you receive on a yearly basis.

Single person pension
This is the amount you receive as a supplement to your retirement pension. You will only receive this amount if you do not have a partner on the commencement date of your retirement pension. Do you have a partner on this date? In that case, the right to this supplementary pension payment will lapse. It is also possible that you will continue to be entitled to a single person’s pension after the retirement pension has commenced. This is paid to you if you become single after your retirement pension due to divorce or the death of your partner.

If you divorce, or your (registered) partnership ends, you might have made arrangements with your ex-partner regarding how your pension will be divided. If we have been informed about the agreed division of your pension, and we have confirmed that division, then your ex-partner will receive from us that part of your pension or partner’s pension you have agreed upon as of the date of your retirement or death. This amount has already been deducted from the pensions shown upon retirement and death.
Please refer to our website for more information on pensions and divorce.

Increase in pension

A supplement is granted on your pension entitlements each year on 1 January on the basis of the CBS Consumer Price Index; the reference period being from the 2nd of October up to and including the 1st of October prior to the 1st of January. However, each year the Board decides on the extent to which accrued pension entitlements are adjusted. No earmarked funds are formed for this conditional compensation and no contribution is paid. If the funding ratio is adequate, compensation is funded out of the fund’s return on investment and is dependent on the fund’s financial position.

What partner’s pension will your partner (if applicable) receive when you decease?
Your partner may be entitled to a pension. The relevant Pension Scheme Rules and Regulations sets out the definition of partner and the requirement to notify us of any partner. If a partner’s pension is insured you will see the amount your partner receives in this Uniform Pension Statement on the understanding that he/she meets the relevant conditions. The Heineken Pension Fund runs a savings-based partner’s pension. This implies that the accrued partner’s pension is paid out upon your death after employment is terminated.

Your partner receives a partner’s pension
If your partner is eligible for a partner’s pension, then the amount shown here is the sum your partner receives for the rest of his/her life after your death. A temporary partner’s pension may be applicable as well. Finally, a supplementary partner’s pension may apply if you have this insurance.