Pension Communication: digital and sustainable

28 February 2022 | Blog

The Heineken Pension Fund wants to communicate digitally as much as possible. Not only is this cheaper and more direct than on paper, but it also limits unnecessary use of raw materials.

Message Box
We send our most important letters, like the annual pension overview and the contribution and increase letter, via the Message Box of Pension funds may use it for their legally required communication. Are you still not receiving any communication from us via the Message Box? Create an account on with your Digid and/or add the Heineken Pension Fund as an institution that may contact you via the Message Box.

Communication via Workplace and by email
We also communicate with HEINEKEN employees on Workplace and by email. For this we use the HEINEKEN e-mail address. When you leave your employment or retire, you will no longer have a HEINEKEN e-mail address, but we would of course like to keep in touch with you by e-mail. So, if you leave employment or retire, please register with your own email address on our contact form for digital communication.

Bundling communication
The HPF considers sustainability important. Where digital transmission is not possible, we try to bundle our communication as much as possible. For example, we sent the annual statement and the pension overview for pensioners together this year. On the other site, we hope to increase the impact of the letters by limiting the number of moments of communication. But in this way we also save costs and use less raw materials. Of course we use eco-friendly envelopes.

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