Blog: What will my partner receive if I die?

31 January 2022 | Blog

If you die, your partner will receive a pension from the Heineken Pension Fund (HPF). Depending on your situation and the choices you have made, this pension can consist of three parts. You can read more about this in our blog.
We would also like to emphasize the importance of registering your partner when cohabiting. Read more about this in our blog Cohabitation and Partner’s Pension.

Partner’s pension
In the pension scheme, in addition to a pension for when you stop working (retirement pension), you also build up a pension for your partner when you die (partner’s pension). The amount of the partner’s pension is derived from the amount of the retirement pension. On your Uniform Pension Overview you can see the amount that your partner will receive. Even those who do not (yet) have a partner, are building up a partner’s pension. This partner’s pension will be converted into a higher pension if you do not have a partner when retiring.

Supplement to the partner’s pension
If your partner has not yet reached the state pension age when you die, the social costs are higher than after the state pension age. That is why your partner will receive a supplement to the partner’s pension up to the state pension age to compensate for these higher costs.

Voluntary supplementary partner’s pension
The HPF therefore offers a voluntary supplementary partner’s pension. However, you do not have to sign up for this. If you have a partner when you start employment or if you have a partner during your employment, you will participate in this pension scheme. You can also choose not to participate in this scheme.

If you participate in this scheme, your partner will receive a supplementary partner’s pension up to the state pension age. The amount of this supplementary partner’s pension is €16,201.20 (2022) on an annual basis.

Would you like more information about the partner’s pension? Then look at our website.


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