Word of thanks former chairman of the board Robin Hoytema van Konijnenburg and introduction of new chairman Rogier Bouwman

2 October 2020 | News

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Word of thanks Robin Hoytema van Konijnenburg

In 2005 I joined the board of the Heineken Pension Fund (HPF). And in 2014 I was allowed to become chairman.

During all those years, new regulations and very volatile financial markets meant that the HPF had to constantly adapt. Changes also continued to take place at Heineken. But we had and still have a well-motivated board and an administering body, which means we remain able to properly and timely transform our schemes and organization.

I am very pleased that with the succession of Frank de Waardt by Olaf Flippo, as well as with my own succession by Rogier Bouwman, we can show that our own company pension fund can continue to live up to its independence.

Of course I would have loved to leave the fund in such a good financial situation that we can start thinking about increasing pensions again. But unfortunately then came the pandemic that pushed interest rates further down. The same pandemic also showed how flexible employees are to continue operations seamlessly from home. And also the board that continues meeting through video connection.

All these years I have greatly appreciated working with colleagues from many other locations and functions. How varied is such a large company like Heineken!

As of September 1, I became a pensioner at the HPF and I will be involved in retirement in a completely different way.

Thanks to everyone and I wish the HPF a good future!



Introduction Rogier Bouwman

I am very honored and grateful to be able to take over the HPF chairmanship from Robin Hoytema van Konijnenburg as of 1 September 2020.

First of all, I would like to thank Robin for his efforts and dedication during his 15 years as an HPF board member, including 6 years as chairman. Robin has played a major role in the further professionalization of the pension fund and has devoted himself with boundless energy to the interests of all members. We will miss his expertise and experience, but after all that Robin has done for the HPF and its participants, it is now time to start enjoying his well-deserved retirement!

Together with the rest of the board, I look forward to working for the future of the HPF and the interests of our participants. Unfortunately, our financial position has weakened considerably due to Covid-19 and the chance of indexation has decreased further. At the same time, we are on the eve of major pension reforms as a result of the new pension arrangements by the government. These and other developments make it a challenging time and have our full attention.

Looking at the HPF with all its employees and everyone active in the various fund bodies, I conclude that we have a large group of motivated and knowledgeable people. That gives me a lot of confidence for the future and makes me extra proud to be able to take over the role of chairman of the board of the HPF!

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