Premiums 2022

22 December 2021 | News

The premiums for the pension schemes vary from year to year. The HPF board has determined the premiums for the year 2022.

The overview below shows the premium percentages per 1 January 2022:

Type of Pension Scheme Premium Payment Premium
Regular Pension Scheme maintained at the maximum level Employer and participant
Disability Pension increased from 1.0% (2021) to 1.3% (2022) Employer
Premium partly pension accrual at full disability increased from 0.47% (2021) to 0.69% (2022) Employer
Supplementary Disability Pension increased from 3.6% (2021) to 4.6% (2022) Participant, when chosen for participation
Supplementary Partner’s Pension reduced from 4.6% (2021) to 4.1% (2022) Participant, when chosen for participation

Participants and pension beneficiaries will also be informed by letter in January 2022 about the supplement and premium. A more detailed explanation is included in this letter.

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