Blog: Socially Responsible Investment by the Heineken Pension Fund

29 September 2021 | Blog

The Heineken Pension Fund (HPF) is a company pension fund. As a company pension fund, the HPF seeks to connect with HEINEKEN’s sustainability agenda. That is why we primarily focus on three themes: 1. climate (CO2 reduction) 2. clean water and responsible water use and 3. human rights (particularly working conditions).

The HPF considers it important that the C02 emissions of the companies in which we invest are limited and decreases. That is why we started reporting these emissions for the investment category “developed markets shares” last year. This category covers 1.6 billion euros, or about 37% of the total investment portfolio. In 2019 the emissions amounted to 224 grams per invested euro. In 2020 that had dropped to 110 grams. This is a major improvement.

In addition to CO2 emissions, water consumption and the human rights score of the shares in developed countries have also recently been mapped. There is also a decrease in water consumption per euro invested and the human rights score is relatively high, which is seen as a positive assessment. But of course there are still improvements to be made and these will be investigated further in the future.

What is important to us now is that by measuring our scores, we enable ourselves to set concrete goals that our investment policy must meet in the near future. This theme is in any case high on the agenda of the board of the HPF.

Would you like to know more about socially responsible investing?
More information about socially responsible investing (SRI) and our SRI policy can be found on our website.

In the next blog we will tell you which resources we use for socially responsible investing.

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