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17 December 2020 | Blog

We indicated in the previous blog that we have incorporated the amended agreements in the Collective Labor Agreement into our pension regulations. There may be agreements in your employment contract, in the collective labor agreement and in our pension regulations. But what about all those agreements and how do they relate to each other. In this blog we will explain this to you.

Pension triangle

The term pension triangle is often used to indicate mutual agreements. This picture below shows what the pension triangle is.

Pension agreement

The pension triangle is the triangular relationship between the employer, employee and the pension fund. Each party has different tasks/responsibilities. The employer and the employee conclude a pension agreement together. The pension agreement is part of the employment contract at Heineken. Heineken also refers to agreements that are included in the collective labor agreement about pensions. In the pension agreement, the employer promises the employee a specific pension. If you want to know what it contains, you must therefore include your employment contract and the collective labor agreement.

Implementation Agreement

The employer may not execute the pension scheme itself. He must have this done by an pension provider, s.a. insurer or a pension fund. Heineken has its own pension fund and has it executed by the Heineken Pension Fund. Heineken has concluded an implementation agreement with the Heineken Pension Fund for this. Agreements have been made in this on, among other things, financing. As of January 1, 2020, Heineken Group B.V. (HG) the party that has signed the implementation agreement on behalf of all affiliated employers (HNS, Commerce and Vrumona). The implementation agreement can be consulted on our website.

Pension Regulation

Now that the Heineken Pension Fund operates the Heineken pension scheme, the Heineken Pension Fund is required to administer the Heineken pension scheme. The pension agreements for the participants in the Heineken pension scheme are shown in a pension regulation. The pension regulations can be consulted on our website.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the pension triangle or about any other pension subject, you can always contact our pension helpdesk. In principle, we are currently not available by phone. We therefore ask you to contact us by e-mail at For emergencies you can reach us on 071 – 545 76 74.

The Heineken Pension Fund

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