Blog: How do you get insight into your pension?

31 May 2021 | Blog

Pension is an important employment condition. But do you know how much pension you will receive when you retire? What your partner and your children receive if you die? And how high the State Pension (AOW) is? These are important questions where you can easily find the answers to on (only available in Dutch). Also our Pension Planner ”OnTrack” helps you to plan your pension. After logging in with your DigiD, please choose English at the upper right corner to see the English Pension Planner. is a platform where everyone who accrues pension in the Netherlands can get insight into the pension at various pension providers. You will not only find the pension of the Heineken Pension Fund, but also the pension that you may have accrued through previous employers. Your State Pension is also included. You need a DigiD to log in. You can also see which events affect your pension and which pension amounts you will receive in this event. There are events link decease, early retirement, dismissal or a new job.


Pension planner
You will find information about your pension of the Heineken Pension Fund in our Pension Planner “OnTrack“. The Pension Planner helps you plan your pension and can give you insight into your financial situation. You first determine how much pension you need based on the expected expenses after your retirement. Then you see how much pension you actually have. Subsequently, you can make choices with your Heineken pension. You immediately see the consequences for the height of your pension with the various choices!
You have the option to plan only your Heineken pension (your Heineken pension is already been entered) or to upload all your pension data (AOW and other pensions) through You can also add the other details such as your monthly expenses, your savings/investments and any annuities yourself.

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