Blog: Do you know what percentage of your salary is for your pension?

25 February 2021 | Blog

You know how much you pay per month for your mortgage, telephone bill and sports subscription. But do you also know what percentage of your salary you pay for your pension? And did you know that your employer pays twice as much premium!

You work one day a week for your retirement!

What percentage of your salary goes to your pension?
An amount of at least 20% of your salary contributes to the accrual of your pension. The total pension premium is 31% of the premium basis. * This may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple. You pay premium about a premium basis. The premium basis is equal to the pensionable salary, the salary that is used for pension accrual, (maximum € 112,189) minus the premium franchise of € 14,549 (2021).

If you have a pensionable annual salary of € 45,000, the part over which you pay premium is € 45,000 – € 14,549 = € 30,451. The total pension contribution that is paid is approximately € 9,440 on an annual basis. You do not pay this alone. You only pay 1/3 of the pension contribution. Your employer pays 2/3 of the premium. In this example, you pay € 3,146 annually in pension contributions and your employer pays € 6,294.

*This only applies to participants who fall under one of the CLAs.

You also pay a premium for the AOW of the current state pensioners
In addition to the premium for the pension scheme at your employer, you also pay a premium for state pension (AOW). This amounts to 17.9% and is deducted from your wages by means of the tax. The premium for the AOW is capped (up to a salary of € 35,129 for 2021). The money is intended to pay the state pension for current pensioners. Those who work then will pay the AOW-premium whence your AOW will be paid in the future.

In short, a lot of money goes to your pension! Probably more than to your house. In our opinion a good reason to see what your pension will be in the end. On or via the pension checker app (IOS of Android) you can see what pension you will receive on your retirement date.



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