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17 December 2020 | Blog

In the event of a divorce, you will not initially think about your pension. However, this is an important point to consider. Your ex-partner is entitled to a part of your pension. You can also claim a part of the accrued pension of your ex-partner. In this blog we give you more information about the influence of a divorce on your pension.

What is my ex-partner entitled to?

Your ex-partner is entitled to half of the retirement pension accrued during the marriage or registered partnership. This right does depend on your pension. For example, the starting date of your ex-partner’s pension is linked to the date that your retirement pension commences. The same applies the other way around. If your partner accrued a retirement pension during marriage or registered partnership, you are also entitled to half of your ex-partner’s pension.

Can I also make other arrangements about the distribution of your pension?

In the prenuptial agreement or in the divorce agreement, other arrangements can be made about the distribution of the pension. The following four options can be selected:

  1. No distribution of the pension.
  2. A different distribution than half of the accrued pension during the marriage.
  3. A different period for the distribution. For example, you can determine that the period prior to the marriage / registered partnership is included for the pension accrual.
  4. A private pension right for the ex-partner. This is called conversion. Your ex-partner is not dependent on the moment you retire in conversion. Your ex-partner has the choice to determine when the pension starts.

If you have made other agreements about the distribution of your pension, you must inform us of this within 2 years after the divorce. You can read more about this on our website.

What about the partner’s pension?

Your ex-partner is also entitled to a part of the accrued partner’s pension. This is the part of the partner’s pension that has been built up until the date of the divorce. This also applies to the partner’s pension that was accrued prior to the marriage / registered partnership. The same applies the other way around. Not all pension plans have a partner’s pension that is accrued. It is possible that your ex-partner’s pension scheme does not have a partner’s pension that is accrued. In this case, no part of the partner’s pension can be claimed.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding a divorce or other pension related items, you can always contact our pension helpdesk. In principle, we are currently not available by phone. We therefore ask you to contact us by e-mail at For emergencies you can reach us on 071 – 545 76 74.

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