Blog: 3 Days of Pension Day 3

17 December 2020 | Blog

Thanks to the promotions mentioned in our blog of October and the messages on day 1 and day 2 of the 3 Days of Pension, you will hopefully gained insight in your pension situation when you retire. But do not forget to check what’s arranged for your partner and children when you die.

Check whether the pension is sufficient for your partner to continue to pay the costs. Can your family continue to live in the house and go on living? Do not forget to check whether your partner is entitled to certain supplements. Naturally, this also applies to the situation in which your partner dies and you may be left possibly with children. Sometimes the partner who stayed behind is also entitled to an additional payment (ANW) from the government.

If you accrue pension with a pension fund or insurer, a partner’s and orphan’s pension is often also arranged. If you die, your partner and/or your children are entitled to pension. This is also the case with the Heineken Pension Fund. Check whether this also applies the other way around. If you are not married, but you are living together on the basis of a notarial cohabitation agreement, then also check whether you have signed up your partner for pension. Your partner’s name should be standing in the pension overview you recently received from us.
Keep in mind that the entitlement to a partner’s and orphan’s pension may stop if you change employer or lose your job. In that case, if you die, your partner will not receive a pension from the old pension provider. Check with your partner how the partner’s pension will be in this case. Also check whether the income is sufficient after your death. Does your partner also work? Then do the same for your partner’s pension.

Have you been divorced in the past? Then there is a good chance that your ex-partner will receive a part of the partner’s pension. And that means a lower pension for your current partner. Check the divorce agreement to see which agreements you and your ex-partner have made about this.

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