Blog: 3 Days of Pension Day 1

17 December 2020 | Blog

How much pension do you need?

In our blog of October 2020, we already announced that the Heineken Pension Fund is participating in the 3 Days of Pensions. We have also indicated that you can calculate your expected AOW age and get an overview of all your pensions and your AOW. So you know when you will receive AOW and how high your pension will be. But what will your life be after you retire? What are you going to spend? Do you still have a mortgage debt? Try to visualize your future life and consider how much you plan to spend every month. You can use a digital household book if desired to calculate how high your income should be after your retirement ( (only available in Dutch)

Five parts of Pension

Your pension can consist of different income sources. During the 3 Days of Pension, this is also referred to the Five parts of Pension.

There are five types of income sources that can contribute to your income when you retire:

  1. State pension (AOW)
  2. The employee’s pension
  3. Annuities with banks and insurers
  4. Income from assets
  5. Income from work after your retirement

Whether you will have sufficient income after retirement can only be checked on the basis of your personal arrangements, wishes and circumstances. In order to gain a global insight in this, it’s important that you know what’s your income is when you retire. View the amount of your pension at Heineken on the recently sent pension overview or in our pension planner

Calculate your personal Five parts of Pension using the Calculator of the Money Wise Platform (only available in Dutch)

Financial Scan

On the basis of the CAOs of HNS, HNL and Vrumona, an employee who reaches the age of 55 and are covered by one of these CAO’s has one opportunity to have a financial scan carried out by an external party. This is currently EBC Nederland B.V. The purpose of the financial scan is to give employees insight in their current financial situation and the possibilities and scenarios for (pre) retirement, part-time retirement, etc. More information can be found on AskHR.

This notification is mostly based on information based on the website

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