Question: Do you receive less pension than the premium you have paid?

7 November 2023 | News

Answer: Many young people think this is true, but the good news is: you receive more pension than you put in! People who retire now will receive on average two to three times more pension than they paid together with their employer. We invest this money, which makes it grow. We are investing every day and we do this for many people at the same time. This yields to good results: you will (soon) receive way more pension than you have paid.

Do you know when you have to take action for your pension? Here you will find an overview of important moments.

Are you curious about your total pension? Check  for your personal pension overview. You need your DigiD or eIDAS to log in.

And watch the whole video* below
* Only available in Dutch and with Dutch subtitles. We are waiting for the video with English subtitles.

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