Premium 2024

21 December 2023 | News

The contributions for the pension schemes may vary from year to year. The board of the Heineken Pension Fund has determined the premiums for the year 2024.

The table below shows the premium percentages as of January 1, 2024:

Type of pension scheme Premium 2024 Explanation
(Regular) pension scheme Unchanged at the current level The premium is paid by the employer and by you
Supplementary partner’s pension Depends on age This is a voluntary pension scheme. The premium is paid by the participants who join this scheme
15-50 years: 1.9%
50-55 years: 2.5%
55-60 years: 2.9%
60-66 years: 3.3%
66+ years:    3.3%

The employer pays for the continuation of the pension accrual in the event of total incapacity for work. You don’t contribute to this yourself.

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