Pension checker App: Do you know how much pension you will receive?

22 December 2021 | News

The day you retire may be many years ahead of you. Nevertheless, it is good to regularly check your pension. Will you get enough pension later? Or what does it mean to stop working earlier? With the new Pension Checker app (IOS or Android) you will immediately get an answer to these questions. Checking your pension has never been so easy. Are you divorced, have you increased or decreased your working hours, or have you lived abroad for a longer period of time? This affects your pension. See how you are doing with the new Pension Checker app. A quick insight into your income later.


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The Netherlands gets a new pension system: Senate votes in favor of new pension act

1 June 2023

On Tuesday 30 May 2023, a majority of the Senate voted in favor of the Future of Pensions Act. This means that there will now be a definitive new pension system and that HEINEKEN’s pension scheme will change in the coming years.

Heineken Pension Fund belongs to top pension funds with the highest returns

23 May 2023

In this news item we inform you about the investment result of Heineken Pension Fund in 2022. Research by consultants Bell and OverRendement has shown that our pension fund achieved the best investment result in 2022 of all pension funds in the Netherlands.

Vacancies and changes Accountability Council

31 March 2023

Martin Bijnagte unfortunately announced in December that he was leaving the Accountability Council for personal reasons. The Heineken Pension Fund thanks him for his efforts over the past year. In the Accountability Council there are two vacancies on behalf of the employer, one vacancy on behalf of the employees and one vacancy on behalf of the pensioners. If you would like to participate in the Accountability Council, please contact us.