Pension and events in your life

29 September 2021 | News

Retirement seems far away for many people. However, retirement is closer than you think. Suppose you get a new job, start living together/marry, have a child, break up or unexpectedly have to deal with a death in your family. These life events can have direct consequences for your pension and also for your partner’s income. Retirement is therefore important throughout your whole life. Wijzer in Geldzaken (Money Wise) has an overview on its website containing the most important events. There is also a short animation (only available in Dutch).

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Components Heineken pension scheme

20 November 2023

During the Three Days of Pension (November 7, 8 and 9, 2023) we explained the Heineken pension scheme in a few webinars. Here you can watch the webinar (English) and download the presentation with the main information Pensioendriedaagse 2023 – HPF webinar UK.

Question: Do you receive less pension than the premium you have paid?

7 November 2023

Answer: Many young people think this is true, but the good news is: you receive more pension than you put in! People who retire now will receive on average two to three times more pension than they paid together with their employer.

Question: is it best to accrue pension through your employer?

7 November 2023

Answer: That is true. As with many other organisations, pension at Heineken is a working condition. This means that the collective labour agreement stipulates that you accrue pension at the Heineken Pension Fund.