If you plan to divorce or terminate cohabitation or civil partnership

Your former partner is entitled to half of the Retirement Pension you accrued during your marriage or civil partnership. You can make alternative arrangements with your former partner. Any arrangements you make must be laid down in the divorce agreement. To ensure that your former partner receives a part of the Retirement Pension through the HPF, either you or your former partner must inform the pension provider by means of the Notice of Divorce for Purposes of Retirement Pension Division (only in Dutch) form within two years after your divorce. We shall send you this form upon request. In the event that you do not return this form to the pension provider within two years after your divorce you must arrange for this division of pension by mutual agreement.


N.B.: entitlement to part of the Retirement Pension does not apply in the case of unmarried cohabitees. Unmarried cohabitees must make arrangements themselves regarding the division of Retirement Pension.


Your former partner is also entitled to the Partner’s Pension you accrued up to the date of divorce, termination of civil partnership or cohabitation. Upon termination of cohabitation, your former partner is entitled to Partner’s Pension if the conditions set out in Pension Scheme I are met. You need not undertake any action for entitlement to Partner’s Pension. Unless your former partner relinquishes his/her rights you will need to inform the pension fund.

As soon as your marriage or civil partnership has been deregistered with the municipal authority, the Heineken Pension Fund is automatically informed by the Personal Records Database (BRP).

We advise you to contact our Helpdesk, tel: 071-5458065, preferably before the divorce or termination of unmarried cohabitation has been finalised.