HEINEKEN Netherlands intends to sell Vrumona to Royal Unibrew

4 July 2023 | News

Heineken Nederlands Beheer B.V. intends to sell the shares in Vrumona B.V. Read further what the sell means for your pension.

For pensioners who worked at Vrumona, this has no consequences for their pension. The pension at Heineken Pension Fund (HPF) will continue unchanged under the current and future scheme. Even if you are still employed by Vrumona B.V. but will soon retire before the final sale (expected in the second half of 2023), you will retire under the current HPF scheme.

If you are still employed by Vrumona B.V. after the final sale, changes for your future pension can be expected. You will be directly informed about this by Vrumona. Of course you will retain the pension entitlements you have accrued at HPF.

For more information about the sell of the shares in Vrumona B.V. see this post (in Dutch only).

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