Pension Fund Survey Effectiveness of means of communication

26 November 2020 | News

The Heineken Pension Fund executes your pension scheme. The pension fund uses several means of communication to communicate with you and the other participants. It is important for us to know what you think of our communication. We therefore invite you to complete the survey!

Participants who accrue pension with us will be contacted by e-mail with the request to complete the survey.

Former participants and pensioners will be contacted by letter with a request to complete the survey via

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Digital communication

23 June 2022

The HPF likes to communicate by e-mail with pensioners and former participants. Enter your e-mail address if you are a pensioner or former participant of the Heineken Pension Fund by scanning the QR code or by filling in our contact form.

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There is a vacancy available in the Accountability Council (AC) of the Heineken Pension Fund (HPF) on behalf of the employer.

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John Muller and Sjoerd Koornstra will step down from the Accountability Council on 1 July 2022.