Elections for the accountability council of the Heineken Pension Fund

7 September 2023 | News

The Heineken Pension Fund has an Accountability Council (VO). Among other things, the VO takes responsibility from the board of the Heineken Pension Fund for the policy and the way in which it has been implemented. Click here to see who are in the VO right now.

The VO of the Heineken Pension Fund has two vacancies on behalf of the employees. Three people have applied. Are you an employee at HEINEKEN and do you accrue pension with us? Cast your vote before Thursday 21 September, 12.00 p.m.! This way you choose who comes to the accountability body on behalf of the employees. Go to the email you received from heinekenpensioenfonds@digitaleverkiezing.nl, click on the link and vote!

The three candidates introduce themselves to you below:

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