Digital pension specifications

12 January 2022 | News

This month we started with digitally sending the pension specifications to our retirees who have registered for digital communication. The administration of the pension benefits has been outsourced by the HPF to HEINEKEN. You will therefore receive then pension specifications by e-mails from HEINEKEN at the e-mail address known to us. Your registration may have been some time ago. Please let us know if the e-mail address is no longer up to date.

Savings overviews HEINEKEN
If you have a savings account with HEINEKEN and have given permission for the use of your e-mail address to send the savings overviews, you will also receive the savings overviews digitally at the e-mail address provided.

Attention: You will also receive the documents by post this month. From next month you will only receive digital pension specifications from us.

Choose digital or regular mail
If you have received the documents by e-mail this month, but would rather only receive them by post, you can let us know via We will then no longer send digital documents. It is not possible to receive both digital and by post.

If you are not yet registered for digital communication but would to receive digital communication in the future, you can register for this through our contact form.

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On Tuesday 30 May 2023, a majority of the Senate voted in favor of the Future of Pensions Act. This means that there will now be a definitive new pension system and that HEINEKEN’s pension scheme will change in the coming years.

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Martin Bijnagte unfortunately announced in December that he was leaving the Accountability Council for personal reasons. The Heineken Pension Fund thanks him for his efforts over the past year. In the Accountability Council there are two vacancies on behalf of the employer, one vacancy on behalf of the employees and one vacancy on behalf of the pensioners. If you would like to participate in the Accountability Council, please contact us.