Changes to the Board and Accountability Council

29 March 2022 | News

Roelf Duursema has been appointed as a board member with effect from 1 January 2022 and also a key function holder for internal audit on behalf of the pensioners. He replaces the departing Rob van den Berg (see news item about this).


Jan Borgers resigned from the accountability council on 1 January 2022. The HPF thanks him for his efforts in recent years.

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The accountability council had several vacancies. At this moment they are all fulfilled.

Elections for the accountability council of the Heineken Pension Fund

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The Heineken Pension Fund has an Accountability Council (VO). Among other things, the VO takes responsibility from the board of the Heineken Pension Fund for the policy and the way in which it has been implemented. Click here to see who are in the VO right now.

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In March, the Heineken Pension Fund invited you to participate in the research into how much risk you want to take with your pension. We think it is important to know how our (former) participants and pensioners view the returns and risks of investing. With this research we got a good indication of that.