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17 December 2020 | Blog

The Heineken Pension Fund executes several pension schemes. When you join Heineken, Heineken offers you the Heineken pension scheme. The details of the pension scheme are included in the Pension Regulations. Regarding the disability pension, there are also the Disability Pension Regulations.

Pension Regulation and Regulation Disability Pension

The Pension Regulations set out the rights and obligations of the participants with regard to the regular retirement pension. You receive this pension at age 68, but you can also retire at an earlier age.

The Regulation Disability Pension set out the rights and obligations of the participants with regard to the disability pension.

You can find a short overview of the pension scheme in our Pension1-2-3.

Voluntary pension schemes

The Heineken Pension Fund also offers supplementary pension schemes. Participation is voluntary. These additional schemes are included in the Supplementary Disability Pension Regulation and the Supplementary Partner’s Pension Regulation.

The Supplementary Disability Pension Regulation is a voluntary addition to the regular disability pension. The benefit is a supplement to the income in the event of full disability.

The Supplemental Partner’s Pension Regulation is a supplement to the regular partner’s pension. If you are married or have a registered partnership when entering employment or during your participation in the Pension Regulations, you will automatically be registered for this scheme. You will get the option to opt out. The registration is automatic because we receive a notification from the Personal Data Register.

If you cohabit, you will only participate in this scheme if you provide the pension fund with a copy of the signed notarial cohabitation agreement. In principal, this needs to be provided within three months of commencement of employment or after signing the notarial cohabitation agreement. Participation is also possible after this period, only with additional conditions.

Unfortunately, we do not receive notification from the Personal Data Register of a notarial cohabitation agreement. That is why you have to inform us yourself.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the pension schemes or other pension topics, you can always contact our pension helpdesk. In principle, we are currently not available by phone. We therefore ask you to contact us by e-mail at For emergencies you can reach us on 071 – 545 76 74.

The Heineken Pension Fund


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